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About BendIt

BendIt was created to help racers calculate the bend marks on a straight piece of tubing that will be used to make a roll cage after it is bent.

This program is designed to work with most bending tools that have a rotating 90 degree bending shoe and a standard bend radius.

The most important thing to remember is that all dimensions entered into this program are measured at the centerline of the tube. This includes the bend radius and the distances (or lengths) between the centerline intersection points of the bends.

When fitting a custom roll bar into a car, it may be helpful to first make a full-sized cardboard template of the desired roll bar that fits the car. You can then measure the centerline lengths and angles directly from the cardboard template and enter these dimensions into the program.

The original verison of BendIt was written for Windows computers. was created to help with newer smartphones and tablets that have an active internet connection, but this should work with any computer that has an active internet connection as well.

There is no warranty for any use or problems related to the use of this program.

This is a free program and it should not be sold for profit.

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